I'm Ready to Convert My Union Dues!

conversion link---- https://form.jotform.com/63396054627159

The HFT has begun the process to convert all members to ACH Bank Draft to pay union membership dues.  The Texas Legislature wants to break your union and we will not allow that to happen!  We've developed a safe and secure method to pay your dues through bank draft almost the same as how you pay them now through payroll deduction. 

We want you to convert now so we are prepared to for the swith in August 2017.  We will begin deducting voluntary COPE Dues in April, but full dues will not begin until August. 

Are you new to the HFT?  Sign up using our bank draft form now and check the box to authorize payroll deduction with HISD until we're ready to convernt. 

Sign up using our secure, encrypted form today.  Please contact your union representative if you have any questions. 

In unity,

Zeph Capo




Protecting ALL of Our Students

As President Trump's anti-immigrant campaign message moves from heated rhetoric to action, students and their families are increasingly fearful.