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Teacher Tips

Read recent Teacher Tips, Tips for Student Discipline, New Teacher info and where to locate interactive lesson plans for Martin Luther King Day or Cinco De Mayo.


Union Grievance On HISD Evaluation Submitted to TEA

The Houston Federation of Teachers has submitted a multi-page brief to the Commissioner of Education outlining our position on the illegality of the HISD/New Teacher Project Teacher Evaluation. While there is no guarantee how the commissioner will interpret the briefs, we feel we have a strong argument for him to hit the reset button and send us back to the drawing board. You will find a link to our brief after the article on the "big-picture" look at testing and accountability aspects of standards-based reform.


Parent Advocates Wanted!

The HFT is looking for interested parents and community members who would like to work with us to make HISD responsive to the needs of our community.  Are you just such a parent or community member?  Do you know somoeone who might be?

Please complete this short registration form if you are interested in learning more or would like to nominate someone.

Know Your Rights!

This issue of HFT's Know Your Rights addresses the end-of-the-year textbook problem. Do you know your rights? Read the document to find out.


Assault Leave Policy

If you have been assaulted in the workplace, you need to take assault leave to physically recuperate. This document will tell you how.


Leave Policy

Need to brush up on the leave policy for the district? This document lays out all the rules you need to remember when asking for leave.


Allegations of Child Abuse

Designed by HFT and its legal counsel, this document advises a member of their rights and best course of action if they've been a target of allegations of child abuse.